Hello Western New York! We would like to take some time and introduce ourselves to the locals of this beautiful state so you can start to get aquianted with who and what we are about. We are a locally owned business that has the mission of serving and promoting all things local.

To be associated with us and our devoted team is to know a commitment of finding the best local hot spot around. We work hand in hand with the small local businesses to create an online platform for them to be recognized and discovered easily and simply for all locals.

Although this business is local to this area we are new so we know there will be much to learn about our new founded location. But we have no doubt that our team will be diligent in our ablilities to scout out all the best local places that deserve to be mentioned.

As you get to know what and what we are about you will find out that we have extensive ways to get you the locals connected with the best of the local businesses.

We leverage todays technology in doing just that. It is our goal to do this in the most convient way possible for both the local and business owner alike.

As we will explain we have this incredible website fully developed provide all areas a business would like to let locals know about their business and story in ways that we feel a lot of time other websites fall short of.

We promise to always apply eye pleasing design into all areas we choose to display our local businesses with. From being able to see full listings, Local deals, a calendar events page we work hard to make our website a central location for all local details for WNY.

We are excited to be branching our servcies and calling Western New York home to our new found partner John Diggs who as recently moved to the area.

We originate in the Quad Cities area in the Midwest. Fun fact we have discovered is that Erie IL which isn’t far from our head quarters was a branch of Erie County based in New York! Such a small world and a fun fact to find.

We hope that you begin to see your local businesses in a whole new persective and start discovering new business next door that you never knew about before.  We look forward to serving our local community and the local businesses dedicated in bringing you the best!


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